The ScanEntry class

A ScanEntry object contains information received from a Bluetooth LE device received during Scanner operation. This includes parameters needed to connect to the device (MAC address, address type), and advertising data (such as its name or available services) supplied in the device’s broadcasts.


ScanEntry objects are created by the Scanner class, and should not be created by the user.

Instance Methods


Returns a human-readable description of the advertising data ‘type’ code adtype. For instance, an adtype value of 9 would return the string "Complete Local Name". See the Generic Access Profile assigned numbers at for a complete list.


Returns a human-readable string representation of the advertising data for code adtype. Values such as the ‘local name’ are returned as strings directly; other values are converted to hex strings. If the requested data is not available, None is returned.


Returns a list of tuples (adtype, description, value) containing the AD type code, human-readable description and value (as reported by getDescription() and getValueText()) for all available advertising data items.


All the properties listed below are read-only.


Device MAC address (as a hex string separated by colons).


Device address type - one of ADDR_TYPE_PUBLIC or ADDR_TYPE_RANDOM.


Bluetooth interface number (0 = /dev/hci0) on which advertising information was seen.


Received Signal Strength Indication for the last received broadcast from the device. This is an integer value measured in dB, where 0 dB is the maximum (theoretical) signal strength, and more negative numbers indicate a weaker signal.


Boolean value - True if the device supports connections, and False otherwise (typically used for advertising ‘beacons’).


Integer count of the number of advertising packets received from the device so far (since clear() was called on the Scanner object which found it).