The Service class

A Bluetooth LE Service object represents a collection of characteristics and descriptors which are all related to one particular function of the peripheral. This allows particular characteristics to be discovered without having to enumerate everything offered by that peripheral.

More information about standard services can be found at


You should not construct Service objects directly. Instead, use the getServices() or getServiceByUUID() methods of a connected Peripheral object.

Instance Methods


Returns a list of Characteristic objects associated with the service. If this has not been done before, the peripheral is queried. Otherwise, a cached list if returned. If forUUID is given, it may be a UUID object or a value used to construct one. In this case the returned list, which may be empty, contains any characteristics associated with the service which match that UUID.


All the properties listed below are read-only.


The Bluetooth UUID for this service.


The Peripheral object for the device to which the service belongs.